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Walking In Godliness, Part 2 – Transformation from the Inside Out

Stonebrook Community Church https://www.stonebrook.org

When we believe in Jesus we become part of God’s family and part of His new creation, the new humanity. We are to live in a manner worthy of the high calling we have received—to put off the old ways of living and put on the new. But how, practically, do we do this? The key is mind renewal—a renovation of the heart that results in transformation from the inside out. Outward conformity to the ways of God is way too small a goal. Our destiny is much fuller, richer, and more exciting. We are to become like Christ to the very depths of our souls. This involves a turning from the old and embracing the new at a far deeper level than we might at first think. It involves bringing the transforming power of the good news deeper into every nook and cranny of our hearts.