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Reflecting His Glory

Stonebrook Community Church https://www.stonebrook.org

When God made a covenant with Israel, He revealed Himself so clearly and gloriously to Moses that the skin on his face shone. The Israelites were afraid, so Moses covered his face with a veil. Fifteen hundred years later, Jesus inaugurated a new covenant with even more glory. Jesus and His apostles did not veil God’s glory that shone through them, but openly revealed Him to all who turned to Jesus and believed. Even today, as believers behold the glory of God revealed in Jesus, they are transformed into the same image from one degree of glory to another. This happens through the working of the Holy Spirit in our minds and hearts. As we fix our gaze on Jesus, we will be transformed into the image of God, boldly living and speaking and reflecting His glory to the world around us, bringing healing and hope to all who respond