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Knowing You, Jesus

Stonebrook Community Church https://www.stonebrook.org


The Curse   The Truth                       The Will          The Knowledge of God 


                    Instruction                     Discipline 


Trials             + Truth                           + Tenacity in faith    yields   Trust

Hardships        + Hearing from God          + Humility              yields   Hope

Conflicts          + Connection with God      + Courage               yields  Comfort

Drudgery         + Devotions                    + Duty                    yields  Diligence

Flaws              + Forgiveness                 + Focus                    yields  Favor

The Mundane     + The Message               + Mastery of self         yields  Meaning

Perils/anxieties   + Promises                   + Persistence in faith   yields  Peace

Galling situations + God’s sovereignty       + Guts                     yields  Gentleness

Everything bad    + Eternal promises        + Engagement           yields   Endurance



Discipline without instruction yields fear, confusion, uncertainty 


Instruction without discipline yields arrogance, hypocrisy, futility 


Discipline with loving, faithful instruction yields readiness