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A season of refreshing and refocusing our hearts and efforts in ministry

A focus on four key areas:


Renewal of our unity as a church family

This is the primary goal of our entire campaign.  Everything that we undertake to do is to serve to further the unity of the church, to renew our shared vision for ministry, shared passion to equip the saints, and shared vision to reach the lost.

Specifically, over the past several years, we as leaders have been made aware of a need for a fresh intentionality in unity in relationship among all members of Stonebrook.  This ongoing effort is aimed at ensuring that we recognize that we are one body, one family, in Christ, across demographics and ministry focus.  Relational reconciliation, shared resources, and cross-pollination of our different ages and interests in ministry will help us be a strong, united, healthy body where “each member does its part” in building the body up in love.


Renewal of prayer-filled expectation that God will work in our midst

Over the years of day-in-day-out ministry, it is easy to become complacent, or sometimes even discouraged by trials and struggles in ministry.  We are seeking God in prayer during this season to help identify areas where we are not operating in a faith-filled expectation that He will be pleased to work through our ministry!  We are also seeking to repent and move forward in areas that might give us good reason to be less than excited about our ministry efforts


Renewal of our facilities to bless the city and equip the saints

Our building is now 20 years old, and by-and-large has all the original fittings and finishings, with the wear and tear of near daily use by our several-hundred-member congregation and the surrounding community.  It is time to refresh our facilities to help us have the most effective disciple-equipping center, and most excellent reflection of God’s heart for hospitality and invitation to the city that we can.


Renewal of our vision to plant churches

We have long been part of a church planting movement and have planted well over a dozen churches in our history. Our last church plant was eight years ago, and it is time to plant a new one this winter (of 2017) in Rochester Minnesota. With God's help, we plan to continue to plant churches and to put increased effort into developing leaders and resources to do so.  

How We Want to Renew

Facilities Upgrades

The sale of our Lincoln Way property has allowed for some long-overdue repair and replacement work to take place, as well as restore our savings toward long-term planned maintenance of the Eisenhower facility (carpet, chairs, HVAC, roof, etc.), we are undertaking a capital campaign to finish the work of a remodel of the facility to update it for effective equipping and to be a blessing to the city as we welcome others to use the space.

Facilities Upgrade Costs

Priority 1

Update and refresh

Update & Refresh

church plant

Church Plant


Priority 2

optimize storage

Optimize Storage


Priority 3

youth room

Youth Room


Priority 4

new gathering area

New Gathering Area


Read details of our facilities renewal plan below. Use arrows to navigate between slides for different priority levels.

A History of Church Planting

Church planting is an immense part of Stonebrook's DNA. Stonebrook has planted many churches that have since planted more churches and on and on down the line. We believe God is calling us to continue to see many churches planted that the truth of the gospel might spread far and wide, and that people's lives would be renewed by walking in the gospel together. Here's a map of churches with Stonebrook in their heritage.



Rochester Church Plant - 2018

Pastors Paul Johnson and Charlie Meyer met in November of 2016 to talk about their common desire to plant a church. God quickly united their hearts and they began to pray about and explore Rochester. God’s leading steadily strengthened. Soon both their churches endorsed the plan and an exciting partnership was born. Over the last year, a team of faith filled people has been uniting. Ordinary men and women, some from Iowa, some from Minnesota, who understand God’s great desire to reach this world. They are ready to sell their homes and move their families. They are ready to trust in the promises of God to bring Living Hope to Rochester. We invite you to join us and be a part of the marvelous things that God is going to do.

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