Music and Production

Music is the language of the soul. God gave us music so that we might praise Him. At Stonebrook Church we take our music very seriously and strive for excellence in our art because we believe it honors Him.

band2The overall goals of the ministry are to:

  • Provide a fresh, relevant, energetic, and spiritually building musical worship experience for our church family and for its ministry events.
  • Multiply the number of quality musicians in order to multiply the ministry in new churches.
  • Develop resources that enhance the ministry of music to our members (new music, recordings, etc.).


Band members dedicate themselves to a regular regimen of practice (both as a group, and individually) and playing. Band members must be skilled, dedicated to practice, and passionate about praising God through music. To be a member of the band you must be a member of Stonebrook Community Church.

Sound Teamsound

Dedicated technicians are needed in order to set up, run, and maintain the sound equipment.

Visual Ministry

Stonebrook’s visual ministry works with our lighting and with our presentation software. Visual ministry is looking for volunteers who are willing to be trained to run the lights and to run the presentation software on Sunday mornings and at other events. Volunteers must be dependable and passionate for the ministry. Both technical and creative gifts are needed in the visual ministry.


John Shields

Sound Techs
Scott Hanson

Andrew Bovenmyer

Presentation Software
Mark Hempe