Seating Capacity Announcement

Hi Stonebrook!

This Sunday, the 21st, marks our first live service that we’ve held in our building in over three months. It’s hard to believe that it’s been that long, so I’m excited to get us back together again.

This last week, we asked you all to RSVP whether you are coming or not, and so many of you did. Thank you!

Well, that RSVP has created a bit of a problem — a good one I think — but the problem is that we’ve already maxed out our seating capacity with those of you who have said “yes.” So, I’m going to have to make a hard request: that those of you who have not already RSVP’d “yes” already, that you not come on Sunday. That sounds painful, but it’s necessary for us to manage our health.

If you did already RSVP’d “yes,” we are planning on you. Please come and show up a little bit before 10am so we can all get settled and started right away. We’re looking forward to that! But again, if you have non RSVP’d yet, please do not come, but you can watch our livestream at 10am, and we will upload it shortly after that so that you can watch it anytime you want during the day.

We appreciate greatly your patience and understanding in all of this. It’s been a trying time to navigate these waters between health and our desire to be together, but I know you’ve been very patient, you’ve been understanding, so thank you again.

If I don’t see you on Sunday, I hope that I can see you very soon live somewhere.

– Pastor Brad Barrett