Church Remodel Update 4-22-2020

4-22-2020 Church Remodel Update from the Design Committee

On the Bright-Side: Not being able to meet in the church building hasn’t slowed down the construction projects.  Here’s what’s currently going on while we aren’t meeting in the building.

New Storage Room Doors & Auditorium Doors: We sought out three contractors to provide quotes for installing the eight double doors and frames as these have been a bit of a challenge to self-perform.  We received a great quote for this work and the contractor has completed part of the installs and will continue to work in conjunction with the drywall that needs to be completed.  Volunteers will be installing the hardware following their work.

Kitchen (formally known as the Hospitality Room): Several cabinets have been relocated for the new room configuration.  The new walls are framed and the double door frame was installed.  The impacted electrical switches and outlets have been relocated.  The inspection has been done, drywall has been installed and is being finished, ceiling grid and tiles will be filled in, as will the flooring, and door will be set.  A new microhood and F/F towers have been ordered.  There will be some custom trim carpentry done around the new F/F and where the relocated tall cabinets have been installed.  Counter top options are being considered and will be ordered soon.

Mother’s Room (formerly the Comfort Room): Both windows were removed.  These were infilled and a new higher window has been installed.

Foyer Aluminum Doors and Storefront System: The old foyer doors and storefront system had experienced significant moving at the sill condition as a frost footing was not installed originally with the building.  A temporary wall was built in the foyer.  The storefront and doors were demolished, along with the sidewalk just outside the door.  A new concrete sidewalk and frost footing have been poured.  The new aluminum storefront system and doors will be installed and the temporary wall removed.

Next Phases of Construction: Early this year the design team met with the various user groups for the new gathering space and nursery, and made revisions to the design per those comments.  Refinement of the plans are still ongoing.