Believing What is True

In recent months our small group has been reading and discussing a book called Gospel Fluency. I hope I can explain what I’m learning from it. (It would be easier to talk with you across the table with a latte in my hand, right?) I would describe the premise of the book like this: we need to have the full truth about the gospel on our minds and lips, believe it fully, and let God bear good fruit in our lives. The gospel as the author describes it includes the whole story of God: from creation to the fall, to redemption in Christ, to the new creation (the future world). The book lays out four simple questions to examine if we are walking by faith:

  1. Who is God?
  2. What has He done to demonstrate or reveal who He is?
  3. Who am I in light of all that?
  4. What fruit am I bearing because of it?

As our small group has discussed the book and the Scriptures, I have realized I am not consistently thinking correctly about God and His attributes. Specifically, my eyes have been opened to the topic of faith, that is, my faith in God and who He is. And my lack of faith in Him… My unbelief.

So currently, I am reexamining what I believe about God. Do I believe He is good? Powerful? Caring? Attentive? Near? A good Father? The obvious answer—the correct theology—is yes. But in reality, there are times when I simply don’t believe those things. In fact, I believe the opposite. We rightly call it unbelief, but we could also say it is a belief, but it’s a belief in some other “god” who is out there, and not the One True God. Maybe more like a Half True God?

For example, if I’m honest, at times because of my health trials I believe God doesn’t care; He isn’t paying attention; He likes making me suffer; and He isn’t good. Such false beliefs yield a fruit, but it’s not the fruit of the Spirit. Rather, it yields fruit like feeling worthless, discontent, helpless, jealous, and lonely. By admitting that I am actually experiencing this kind of fruit, my eyes have been opened to my false beliefs.

So, here’s where I am right now, and you can pray for me in this: I have just recently recognized some of these false beliefs. The next step is that I have to repent of those errors and turn towards what is really true. I will examine the Scriptures to rediscover who God really is. And pray for humility, faith, and power from the Holy Spirit, and begin walking in faith. Then by His grace, the good fruit will start sprouting again.