Angels Don’t Have Wings

Something I learned the other day BLEW MY MIND! Growing up, my church had stained glass windows depicting angels with wings. I never questioned or thought about the subject beyond this. I had always assumed angels had wings. The other day, in my Bible studies/lessons with the kids, we were going in depth about spiritual beings. To my shock, every scripture mentioning angels never mentioned wings. The only mention of wings was with seraphim and cherubim. Then, to my utter amazement, we learned that seraphim and cherubim are NOT the same thing as angels! (How did I ever assume they were?)

Finally, it clicked: angels don’t have wings. They are always described as looking like men- total paradigm shift for me. I was totally geeking out in front of the kids about it. Am I the only one who didn’t know this?! If you are as shocked as me, I encourage you to do an in-depth study like we did.

Don’t you just LOVE learning new things? I have been following the Lord for a long time and study my Bible faithfully, but I am STILL LEARNING! The depth and the breadth of His Word is staggering. There are things that I don’t know yet, but I really want to find them out! Some things may be small and unknown to me, like angels not having wings, and other things are big and mysterious, like how we reconcile free will and predestination.

All this to say, don’t give up studying the Word! If you find it becoming difficult to read each day, pray for God to rekindle the desire within you! Try watching the Bible Project videos on YouTube and study, in depth, what they say. Try studying with your kids, spouse, roommate, or friend. Talk about it and ask questions. All this increases the desire to read the Word. The easiest way is to just start reading it again if you have gotten out of the habit. The more you read, the more you will want to. If your faith is in the Lord, then the Holy Spirit is inside you. The Spirit within you will help you!