2019 Women’s Retreat

Gifts of Grace
Surety in Service

April 5th – 6th
Hidden Acres

Surety is a word we rarely use but we all know the definition…right? Webster’s defines it as a person who has become liable for the debt, or failure in duty of another; or a basis of confidence or security and is synonymous for guarantee, warranty, and covenant. Sounds like our Father doesn’t it?

The apostle Paul writes in Roman 12:1-5 that we should be living sacrifices who don’t think too highly of ourselves but are also unique parts of one body possessing different gifts of grace.

Have you ever questioned your gifts because you feel unsure, inadequate, or unprepared? What worldly lies do we listen to that tempt us to conform and how do we renew our minds so that we respond with joy and confidence to serve our church body? How can we know that we are showing Godly confidence and not worldly pride? How do we use God’s word to combat our fears and begin to fully accept all pieces of our identity in Christ?

Gather your friends and join us for a weekend of fellowship, fun, and relaxation as we explore what God says about our gifts and learn to trust that Jesus is our surety: our security and our guarantee.