Parenting Seminar

Register by Nov. 26 for the Stonebrook Parenting Seminar. On Saturday, December 1 from 8:45 a.m. – 12:00 p.m., come and learn from more than 100 cumulative years of parenting from parents in our own church family. Our primary focus is for parents of 1st-7th graders, though all are welcome. Childcare will be provided. Cost is $10/couple. Sign up. by November 26!

We asked several couples whose children are 18+ years of age, have an active profession of faith and are predominately still involved in Stonebrook or a GCC member church the following questions:

1) Looking back at your parenting, what is the one or two things you are very glad you did?
2) Thinking of your parenting, what is the one thing you wish you knew sooner than you did and what do you think was keeping you from learning the lesson God had you learn?
3) What word of encouragement or perspective would you like to share with the young parents?
4) What convictions do you feel were central to your parenting and want to ensure other young parents pick up on?
5) What did your “abiding in the vine” (which produced the fruit in the first place) look like?
6) What was our family times of Devotion, prayer, family worship, confession, repentance, etc.
7) Tell us how your faith in the Gospel influenced and impacted your parenting.

Each of these couples, paired with an Elder will share their heart and perspective on one or more of these questions in a small group setting. There will be time to meet each couple and ask any questions pertaining to the heart attitudes and convictions they have as parents.