Nebulae and God’s Love

Last fall we noticed a bright object in the north eastern night sky.  After seeing it three or four times, we decided to pull up Google Earth’s sky function and try to figure it out.  We think it might have been a double star system (I’ve forgotten the name, but Psalm 147:4 says God remembers it!).

Inevitably, we ended up looking at some of the amazing images the Hubble telescope has taken of nebulae. If you get a chance, Google “Eagle Nebula” and stop and wonder at God’s creation.  I mentioned that it would be cool if we could send a probe into a nebula. My husband gave me one of those looks and asked how far I thought the Eagle nebula was from earth. Well, it’s 7,000 light years!  Guess how far the Voyager 1 space probe is from earth? 12 billion miles. Which is only 0.002 light years! I was awestruck by how unapproachable this magnificent nebula really was. The closest nebula is just shy of 700 light years away.  Still impossibly far for us to get to. I pondered and marveled at this thought for a few days and then came across Psalm 108:4:

“For great is your love, higher than the heavens; your faithfulness reaches to the skies.”

God’s love is bigger than the distance to the closest nebula.  Even if I could send a probe at light speed, I could never reach the end of his love.  Wow. We have all of eternity to explore the intricacies and beauty of His love for us.  We will never reach the end of it. Praise be to the Creator!