Becoming a pastor – Luke Anderson

Pastor Luke Anderson has been with Stonebrook since day one. His parents, Mike and Judy Anderson, were involved in the church (then known as ISU Bible Study) while attending college and imparted their vision and heart to Luke. “I came to Christ through their faith,” Luke said. “I was imprinted with the Great Commandment and Great Commission at a young age.”

The Anderson family moved to Chicago when Luke was eight, because of family health issues. On his tenth birthday, Luke’s little sister Naomi passed away due to a defective heart. He thought more about heaven and hell from that day forward.

The Anderson family moved back to Ames when Luke was a junior in high school. After high school, he joined the college ministry and spent two years at Iowa State University in Graphic Design. He wanted a job that would provide for a family and bless the church. After two years, his funds for higher education were depleted, but he continued to devote his time to reach college students. He worked construction, so after work he would quickly grab a bite to eat, head to the dorms, meet students, and share the Gospel with them.

Luke was eventually asked to go on staff to devote all of his time to reaching students on the ISU campus. During his support raising, he met a girl named Holly, who was also raising support to do the same thing. Long story short, they fell in love, got married, and joined together in mission. The year 2008 had a lot in store for them - they got married, were released to do ministry after support raising, and soon were pregnant.

“I have spent the last ten years on staff,” Luke said, “growing in my effect on campus, learning how to lay a better foundation for these students, and my affection is stronger than ever.” The last three years have been trying for Luke and his family. Joshua, their oldest son, started suffering from a gut disease, which heavily affects his food intake. It eliminates most grains and flour. Since then, all four of their children have been diagnosed with the same disease.

Holly has added dietitian to her list of skills. She plans, teaches, and disciples her children as she homeschools them. Luke said, “it is by of the grace of God, and because of Holly's hard work that our kids are as healthy as they are now.” They have four children (from oldest to youngest): Joshua, Liam, Eva, and Emma.

The Rest of the Family


the big brother


the dietician, planner, teacher, discipler


energy for days


the dancer


the curious monkey

On June 18th, Luke was ordained as a pastor. He said it was a joy to see so many brothers and sisters there to support him. “I’m excited to love and lead Stonebrook, not just the Rock,” he said. He will be overseeing the Rock this fall. Pastor Paul Johnson will be helping Luke during this time, but will also focus his time to prepare for the Rochester Church Plant in 2018.

Luke’s vision for the fall is to build unity and share the Gospel with students on campus. He mentioned that he is already working on that vision with the Colorado Leadership Training program this summer. Students from Ames and Colorado have been going on many adventures together, taking the Outreach Diagram Course, and sharing the Gospel with coworkers, friends, and others, out in Fort Collins.

There are going to be some challenges. Paul and several other key members from the Rock will be leaving next spring. Luke also mentioned that he is a different personality than Paul. That is no surprise, but it is something to consider when looking at the structure of the Rock.

Luke's hope is to help grow the Rock. Mission to Campus, a broomball tournament, Bible studies, prayer nights, lifegroup, the occasional midnight snack, and other activities are going to be beneficial in sharing the Gospel with students.

“We want them to be with us, join us, and ultimately understand that they are loved by the Lord and his people,” Luke said. “That is the goal of our efforts, but we will continue to pray and be led by the Lord.”

Some of Luke's Milestones

  • 1987

    Faith in Christ

    The gospel was presented by Luke's parents at an early age, and Luke responded in repentance and faith at the age of 5.

  • 1990

    Moves to Chicago

    Some family health issues necessitated the family moving to Chicago, where Luke lived for 9 years.

  • Attends ISU

    Luke began studying graphic design at Iowa State University.

  • 2007

    Joins Campus Ministry Staff Team

    With a heart to reach students at Iowa State University, Luke decided to go on staff with Stonebrook's student ministry.

  • 2008

    Luke Marries Holly

  • 2009

    Luke and Holly Have Their First Child

    With more to come.

  • 2017

    Ordained as Pastor

    On June 18, 2017, Stonebrook proudly ordains Luke as a pastor/elder of the church.

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Pastor Luke Anderson has been with Stonebrook since day one. His parents, Mike and Judy Anderson, were involved in the church (then known as ISU Bible Study) while attending college and imparted their vision and heart to Luke. “I came …

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