The Art of Neighboring Part 1: Getting Over Yourself

May 21, 2017

Romans 15 God-glorifying Harmony

Romans 13:8-14 - The Continuous Debt

Romans 12 Part 2: Godlike

Sermon by Matt Heerema
Scripture: Romans
Series: Romans


The Long Expected Jesus

Romans 9-11 Panel Discussion

The Rock of Offense

Romans 10

The Justice and Mercy of God

Romans 9

Grace Trains Us

Titus 2:11-15

Sermon by Matt Heerema
Scripture: Titus 2:11-15
Topic: Grace
Series: Titus

For the Sake of the Faith, Knowledge, and Godliness

Titus 1:1-4

Sin and Obedience

1 John 1:1-2

The Image of God and the Household of God

What is the Gospel?

What Shall We Say Then?

Romans 8

This Body of Death

Romans 7

The Weight of Worship

Defining Moments: My Work Matters

What Fruit Were You Getting?

Romans 6

Sons of Abraham

Romans 4

The Advantage The Jew Has

Romans 3

God Shows No Partiality

Romans 2

Don't Waste It. Part 2: The Gospel Lens



Faith, Suffering, and God's Glory

Sermon by Matt Heerema
Scripture: Job Job
Topic: Suffering

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Evangelistic Expectations

Just Sow It, Part 3

The Reality of Resurrecton

How Stonebrook Approaches Song Selection for Gathered Worship

Session 4

Stop Acting Like Children.

On Intelligibility. Session 1 from Music Mistry Workshop 2015

The Life of a Sojourner and an Exile

God's Work and Ours

Work and Worship - The Doctrine of Vocation

The Holy Spirit and The New Birth

Stonebrook 101 - Part 2

The Body of Jesus

A Place, a People, and a Promise

That We May Live and Not Die

Fatherhood: Tending the Garden

Behold The Lamb

Life on the Battlefront

The Surety and Sufficiency of Scripture

Work is Worship

How the Gospel Affects Our Work

Why We Do What We Do on Sunday Morning

The Apostle Paul's Story

Who is the greatest in the kingdom?


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