The Art of Neighboring Part 3: Telling the Good News

Four Ways to Honor Mom

Mother's Day May 14, 2017

The Resurrection: You Gotta Believe It!

Build Up, Don't Destroy

Romans 12 Part 3: Genuine Love

The Joy of Generosity

Romans 9-11 Panel Discussion

God's Mercy on All

Romans 11

Israel Rejects the Good News

Romans 10

What about Israel?

Romans 9

Sermon by Dave Bovenmyer
Scripture: Romans
Topic: Salvation
Series: Romans

Silencing Opponents of the Faith

Titus 1:10-16

Sermon by Dave Bovenmyer
Scripture: Titus
Series: Titus

Finding Hope in a Broken World

Romans 8

Romans 1-6 Review

2014-2015 Year End Financial Report

Good News of Great Joy!

Died, Buried, and Resurrected with Christ!

Romans 6

The Gospel is the Power of God for Salvation

Romans 1


The God-Centered Family

Preparing for Marriage

Defining and Promoting Marriage & Family

The Myth of Mutual Submission

Do Not Be Surprised with Suffering

Born Again to a Living Hope

Spiritual Disciplines for the New Year

Eternal Rewards

Family in Hell?

2013-2014 Year End Financial Report

Where will Heaven be?

Gifts of the Spirit

The Helper Has Come

Lessons from 40 Years of Ministry

Poor Parent, Bad Brothers, Faithful Son

Living in Singleness

What's the Big Deal about Marriage?


Call to be Priests

Learning to Love It

The Second Coming of Christ

Christ's Victory in Life

2012 - 2013 Year End Financial Report

The Early Life of Christ

The Bible - Resources for Further Study

The Bible

Resurrection, Commission, and Ascension

The Flood

Our Vision - week 3

Work and Worship wrap up

Put on the New