Stonebrook Church - Ames Iowa

Children's Ministries

Partnering with parents...connecting with kids

Our Vision

Stonebrook Community Church has a passion for kids. We desire to enthusiastically support parents and complement their efforts in the awesome privilege of building a life-long faith in the hearts of our kids. Our materials and curriculum are Biblically based, with the intention of knowing God and applying his truths to everyday living.

Core Values

  • Partner with parents - view parents as primary input in kid’s lives; supplement their efforts

  • Biblical Foundation

  • Team teaching

  • Safe, welcoming environment

  • Fun/kid friendly


Sunday Morning Kid’s Ministry at Stonebrook

Our church provides child care options during the pastor's message for children of all ages. For parents with children under age 2 we provide infant care in our nursery. The comfort room provides privacy for nursing mothers and is wired for sound so mom can still hear the pastor's message.

Kids of all ages attend the first portion of our service in the auditorium with their parents. After music and announcements kids are dismissed to their classrooms. The map below indicates where each classroom is located in our building.


What We Look Like

Our program consists of five age groups:



 Sunday School Coordinators

Sunday School Leadership Team

Ali Helton & Nancy Heerema (Blast), Duane Smith (team leader), Carrie Pahl (Club 56), Dawn Bovenmyer (Noah’s Ark), Summer Barber (Wee Worship)

Sunday School Workers' Schedule and Sign up