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Fixing Our Eyes on Jesus: Bringing Life into Focus

The book of Hebrews commands us to fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith. At this women’s retreat, we will relax, renew, refresh, and bring our lives into focus by fixing our eyes on Jesus in four areas:

Being Captivated with Christ
Complete in Christ
Courageous in Christ
Consistently Christ

Join Stonebrook women March 31-April 1 at Hidden Acres to have your heart and your faith refreshed!

Friday Night

Captivated with Christ

What does it mean to take your thoughts captive and make them obedient to Christ?  How is God’s word, prayer and worshipping with the body of believers positively correlated with increasing desire to have a closer relationship with Christ?  Take some time to explore why our thought life, and how we spend our time is not a set of arbitrary standards put forth by God, but instead exemplify how becoming captive to Christ actually gives greater freedom than we could have ever imagined. The speaker will be Summer Barber.


Complete in Christ

Dawn Harris and Dawn Bovenmyer will speak on accepting our identity in Christ, which can be challenging when we live in a world that encourages us to find our power and strength in anything but Christ.  When guilt and shame, frustration and fear seem to arise when we least expect it, be empowered by examining what God’s word says about our true identity and how that equips us to live for Christ.

Courageous in Christ

God is loving and truthful in so that He warned that while we live on this earth, we will experience hardship, trials, and suffering.  However, God does not leave us without a vast amount of promises that remind us that we do not need to live a life in fear of what might come. We can always find contentment and courage in Christ to face this life and what it may bring.  Be inspired to become courageous and to see how Christ turns the impossible to possible. Speakers will be Maureen Stohlmeyer and Sandy Wigdahl.

Consistently Christ

Join us for our keynote speaker, Becky Crane from Walnut Creek Church in Des Moines, as she shares how she has fixed her eyes on Jesus throughout the many different seasons of her life.

Summer Barber - On the surface, Summer Barber is a wife blessed to be married to her fantastic and loving husband Kevin of 16 years, mother to 3 children that abound in energy, orneriness, and hilarious antics Emmett (9), Hadley (6), and Jace (5), occupational therapist at both Mary Greeley Medical Center & Childserve, chauffer, mediocre housemaid, avid bookworm, Stonebrook Church member, women’s ministry volunteer, gym rat, and lover of being with people, especially funny people.  But if you look beyond what Summer “does” on the surface and dig a bit deeper you will find that Summer is a sinner saved by grace, child of God, and faithful follower of Christ who finds every morning a merciful gift from God.

Maureen Stohlmeyer - Long time Stonebrook church member Maureen Stohlmeyer will reflect on God's faithfulness during 34+ years as help meet to her husband Mike as together they leaned on God for strength in the affliction of chronic illness. Maureen has taught Sunday school children at Stonebrook for over 20 years. Maureen keeps a blog called "Still They Speak" which she dedicates to her husband who is now with the Lord, and shares encouragements to faith in affliction from Christian authors of the past.


Becky Crane  - Becky Crane is married to Bruce, a pastor at Walnut Creek Church in Des Moines. She has five 

amazing kids, two wonderful daughter-in-laws, and three adorable grandkids. Becky loves meeting with women, gardening, coffee shops, bookstores, and old movies with popcorn.

Friday Night (March 31):

6:15-7:15 Check In
7:15-7:30: Welcome, Announcements, Housekeeping
7:30-9:00: Teaching #1 - Captivated with Christ (Speaker: Summer Barber)
9:00-11PM: Fun, Rest, Relax


7:00-8:00 AM: Optional Early Morning Devotions/Prayer Walks
8:00-9:00: Breakfast
9:00-9:15: Opening Prayer/Announcements
9:15-10:30: Teaching #2 - Complete in Christ (Speakers: Dawn Harris and Dawn Bovenmyer)
10:30-10:45: Break
10:45-12:00: Teaching #3 - Courageous in Christ (Speakers: Maureen Stohlmeyer and Sandy Wigdahl)
12:00-1:00: Lunch
1:00-3:00: Designated Rest Time/Reflection/Recreation Time
3:00-5:30: Teaching #4 - Consistently Christ (Speaker: Becky Crane)
5:30-6:30: Supper
6:30: Depart for Home

Speakers are currently being invited, and names will be released as we get confirmation.

Registration Rates (Includes Friday night stay, snacks, and three meals on Saturday). This year, the rooms are motel-style, with three people to a room. Each room has its own bathroom.

Registration Rates:

Before Feb. 27 - $70

Feb. 27-Mar. 19 - $80

Rock Students (Saturday only ) - $45 - (Contact Terri Huffman at to register as a Rock Student)

No registrations accepted after March 19



Summer Barber