Dear Stonebrook,

Fall is here and with a new semester at ISU starting we have a huge opportunity to love and welcome over 8,000 new students.  These Students will be away from home and are looking for a place to belong.  We would like to welcome them to campus with an initiative we are calling "Mission to Campus".  Mission to Campus will take place Aug. 24-26.  On Aug. 24th and 25th we will be having booths across campus where we will be handing out popsicles, invitations to Stonebrook, and meeting students.  On Aug. 26th we will be holding a festival on campus called "Cornstock".  At Cornstock, we will need many of you to help meet students and have fun with them with the lawn games and inflatable games that we will have there.  Please consider joining us for an hour or a day as we show the love of Christ to all of the students at ISU!

Links for signing up:
Wednesday (Aug. 24):
Thursday (Aug. 25):
Friday (Aug. 26):

Additional Ways to Serve:

1. Sponsor a Cooler. We need 7 coolers to keep the popsicles frozen.  Last year we found that there is only one type of cooler that will keep them frozen for more than a couple of hours. The cost for one cooler is around $75. If you would like to sponsor a cooler, drop a check either in the collection plate or by the office (write “Cooler Sponsorship” in the memo line).

2. Contribute to the annual Pop Pyramid in the foyer. All of donated pop will be used at Cornstock and for other Rock events during the fall semester.


Luke Anderson