We are inviting you to a special all-members meeting in 2 weeks, on Wednesday, May 24th, from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. 

We have some important and exciting topics to talk about that can’t be delayed until our semi-annual meeting next August. 

The meeting agenda:

1. Pray for wisdom, love, unity, growth in the kingdom.
2. Take multiple steps to move our church forward and accomplish our mission and vision.
3. Look at some major financial needs and wants that are projected for the next ten years.  (We presented some of this also at our January All-Members meeting.)
4. Review the detailed financials from the sale of Zekes.
5. Utilize resources from Zekes to help accomplish some of our goals and meet our needs.    
6. Initiate a fundraiser to help accomplish our goals.  We have hired a consultant called Slingshot who will assist us in this process, and in the upcoming weeks they will be contacting many of you.  (Some of you know the president of Slingshot, Nick Bal, a member of Stonebrook years ago.)
7. Field questions from you.


Brad Barrett