Stonebrook Church - Ames Iowa

Meeting Times

Where and When We Meet

  • Sunday Mornings, Stonebrook Church at 9 & 11am - 3611 Eisenhower 
    (Summer hours = 1 service @ 10am)
  • 2nd Friday of the month, The Rock meets at Zeke's at 7:30pm - 3329 West Lincoln Way, in Colorado Junction
  • Small Groups (See Getting Connected section)

Many people today want to know God. But some have given up on church, having concluded that the church is largely irrelevant and out of touch with today’s world.

On Sunday morning at Stonebrook, we strive to speak to people where they are. Through contemporary music, practical messages, and video, we address the issues and problems that concern you and your family. Our goal is to present the timeless truths of Christianity in a way that people find relevant to the twenty-first century. Our Sunday morning service will benefit anyone interested in learning how to apply Biblical principles to everyday life, whether they are just beginning the journey to find Christ or have already discovered Him.