Brad Barrett
Co-Pastor, focusing on overall direction and teaching, and leadership of Stonebrook Community Church

Dave Bovenmyer
Co-Pastor, focusing on Compassion Ministries, finances & theological training

Gary Harris
Co-Pastor, focusing on Youth Ministry


Paul Johnson
Co-Pastor, focusing on Campus Ministry and Leadership Development

Matt Heerema
Co-Pastor, focusing on Music Ministry and Church based theology training



Mike Anderson (Facilities)
Mark Harle (Sunday school, Communications)
Dan Jones (Finances, Communications)
Dick Miller (Hospitality)
Cliff Plymesser (Ad Hoc projects)
Duane Smith (Finances, Benevolence)
Ben Wyatt (Hospitality)


Terri Huffman
Heidi Pool
John Shields

Campus Staff

Luke Anderson
Lydia Anderson 
Andrew Bovenmyer
Daniel Bush
David Daft
Nikolai Doffing