Since Jesus rose from the dead, ascended into heaven, and was enthroned at the right hand of God, we should have full confidence:

  1. that He truly is the Son of God and the Lord and Savior of the world.
  2. that God was satisfied with His payment for sins and that even the worst sins were abundantly paid for.
  3. that He is alive and that we can and should pray to Him, love Him, worship Him and obey Him.
  4. that the time of His humiliation and suffering is over and we can pray to Him and trust Him as our reigning King who has been given all power and authority.

Since Jesus became one of us, suffered in our place, rose from the dead, and has been enthroned at the right hand of God, He is able to represent us as our High Priest-- interceding for us and acting as our advocate and mediator. Since He is human and was tempted in every way, He is able to sympathize with our weaknesses. Since He suffered in our place, He is able to satisfy God’s wrath against us because of our sin. Realizing these great truths, we should boldly approach the throne of grace to receive mercy and grace in our sinfulness and neediness.

Since Jesus is our Great High Priest, we need no other advocate or mediator, whether human or angelic. We should not seek assistance or mediation by praying to saints who have gone before us. Nor do we need a living priest other than Jesus, each believer being a priest of God. Pastors and elders teach, lead, and give us counsel, yet do not mediate between us and God—that position being reserved for Jesus alone.

Since Jesus, after His resurrection, appeared privately to His disciples and not publicly to the world, and since He ascended into heaven and did not set up an earthly kingdom by force, we should understand that in our age, God, in His patience, continues to grant the world an opportunity for repentance. The church is to preach repentance to people’s hearts and not use military, political, or other types of coercion to force people into submission to its King.

Because Jesus has ascended to God and been enthroned at His right hand, we can know that He is in the process of establishing His kingdom and destroying all resistance to His will. Jesus is subduing His enemies through the preaching of the gospel, leading to repentance and faith in those who believe, and will subdue His enemies in the future with irresistible force at His coming. Even when the world around us is in all-out rebellion against God, we should remember that Jesus has been given all power and authority and that this power is with us to enable us to walk in His will and to proclaim His salvation, resurrection, and enthronement to the world. Yet we should long for the day when He will return, forcibly establish His Kingdom in its fullness, and rule the world with a “rod of iron.”

Since Jesus rose physically and will forever have a physical body, we should realize that the physical world is important to God. It is not the source of evil nor is it of lesser importance than the spiritual world. We should do what we can to bring beauty, order, and life to our own bodies and to the physical world around us.

Since Jesus rose from the dead, we must believe that there will also be a resurrection of our bodies. So, we should not fear death or revolve our lives around physical comfort or obsess over our health, but put our hope in our future, heavenly, resurrected bodies.

Since, those who believe in Jesus have been united with Him in His death and resurrection, and are now “in Christ” and seated with Him at the right hand of God, we should consider ourselves to be dead to sin and alive to God just as Jesus is. We should meditate on our glorious resurrected position and fully accepted relationship with God and let these truths motivate us to live a life in keeping with who we now are in Christ.

Since Satan, the tempter, was decisively defeated and disarmed through the death and resurrection of Jesus, yet continues to use His one weapon against us—deception—we must not fear this defeated foe but resist his temptations, be prepared to battle his lies, and wield the weapons of God’s truth.

Since Jesus died for all humanity, was resurrected, and sits enthroned as Lord of all and since He commissioned us to take the good news to all the nations, we must devote our lives to this purpose. We should speak and live filled with His power so that more and more people hear and believe the gospel and bow to Him as King.

  1. We should become equipped to proclaim the gospel, be regularly involved in evangelism, and make the most of every opportunity.
  2. We should live in such a way that people see God in our lives and are drawn to Him. We should proclaim the love of God through our actions as well as our words, demonstrating His love for all people.
  3. We should give not only our time, but our money to the cause of advancing the kingdom, supporting those whose vocation is proclaiming the gospel to the lost and equipping the believers.
  4. We should seek to help and care for those who are oppressed or needy around us, demonstrating God’s love, goodness, wisdom, and ways to all.


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