Since the future reign of Christ is a vital part of the gospel story along with his life, death, resurrection, and ascension, we must regularly speak to one another about the truths of the Second Coming. We should encourage one another that the coming King is the ultimate hope for all true believers, We should set our hope in the next life and not lose heart in the trials of this life.

Since the Lord has judged the whole earth before in the flood of Noah and has fulfilled his many promises over the centuries, we should live in confidence of Jesus’ promised return, not doubting or scoffing even though he has delayed for many years. And since we have been given many prophecies concerning the Second Coming, we should look to Scriptures for signs of the coming age in order not to be fooled or lulled to sleep by various rumors, ideas, or events.

Since this present physical world will someday be destroyed and made new, we should reject frivolous living and the unbridled pursuit of earthly comforts and pleasures. Instead we should walk through life with sobriety, fearing the Lord and walking in holiness and godliness. And we must also reject placing our hope in earthly treasures and money but instead set our hope in our future glory by using our earthly treasures for the sake of the kingdom and thus store up treasures in heaven.

Since we have been promised resurrected bodies, we should eagerly wait for Christ’s return, to see Him face to face and be made brand new. We should find hope and strength in this, that all our trials and sufferings are only temporary and will be far outweighed by the glories of heavenly life.

Since the Lord promises reward in the next life, we rejoice in His goodness and walk by faith as we seek, serve, and love Him. We should joyfully endure suffering for His sake, even enduring persecution as we realize that He sees and will not forget our deeds of love done for him and by faith in him.

Since the coming judgment day is sure, we must warn the unsaved to repent and believe in the Lord Jesus, for the Lord’s judgments are severe and his patience will come to an end someday soon.

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