Since all of us have followed Adam and Eve in their rebellion against God, and all of us have become radically corrupt:

  1. We should despair of finding acceptance with God through our own goodness and righteousness and cast ourselves on His mercy and grace.
  2. We must be vigilant to resist the evil desires of our corrupt nature, the pressures and influences that come from a corrupt world, and the temptations of the devil.
  3. We should not be surprised when we realize that we have sinned, but be quick to acknowledge our sins to God and, when appropriate, to others and to ask God for His help and grace to live uprightly.
  4. We should remain humble, gentle, and patient towards those who sin, for we remember our own need for God's mercy and help. Plus, we realize we, too, could stumble if we grow proud and are not alert.
  5. We should not be surprised but rather be prepared for opposition to the truth of God, since truth exposes the sinfulness of men. We should be prepared for persecution as we preach the gospel, knowing that we are bringing truth and conviction to a sinful and depraved world.

Since God cursed the earth, human survival and flourishing have become more challenging and the work of creating, arranging, providing and protecting more difficult. Yet God has a redemptive purpose in difficulties and sufferings—they humble our pride, demonstrate to us the terrible consequences of rebellion, and draw us to God in a dependent relationship. We should rejoice in our trials, turn to God for strength, and yet work hard to do what we can to mitigate the effects of the curse.


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