Since Jesus is the only begotten Son of God, the only sinless man, and the only sufficient substitute, He is the only way to God. Faith in Him is the only means of salvation, and all other religions, philosophies, and systems of good works or human improvement are either false or inadequate. Therefore we must proclaim Him as the only Savior and urge people from every culture and religion to repent and believe in Him.

Since Christ died once for all time and for all our sins, we must believe and trust in His forgiveness, refusing to languish in guilt and shame or pursue acts of penance or self-punishment. The work of Christ, received by faith, covers the deepest, darkest, most numerous, and most stubborn sins.

Since Jesus, being fully God, also became human and lived among us, we must embrace him as the pinnacle of God’s self-revelation. Therefore, we should study, meditate on, and imitate Jesus’ character, manifested in His interactions with others, His reactions to situations, and in the nature of His communication. For example, since Jesus is revealed as humble and willing to become a servant of the lowest, we must be humble and lower ourselves to the level of others who are beneath us in ability or social standing.

Since Jesus entered this world of suffering, was tempted, and suffered along with us, we know that He sympathizes with our temptations and weaknesses, and therefore we likewise should empathize with those who are suffering or tempted.

Since Jesus was fully God and equal with God and yet He lived in submission to the Father’s leadership, we learn that complementing roles in leadership and submission originate in the very nature of God Himself. Therefore with deep respect, we should seek to imitate the triune God in our respective roles of leadership and submission.

Since God sent His only begotten Son to purchase our forgiveness and to die for His enemies, we should forgive those who sin against us, love our enemies, and pray for those who persecute us.

Since Jesus suffered and died we must realize that God can and will often ask those He loves to do incredibly difficult tasks that result in much suffering and even death. Yet suffering in the will of God will never result in eternal, personal loss, but will result in greater glory, honor, love, and joy, just as was demonstrated in the resurrection and ascension of Jesus to the right hand of God.

Since the kingdom of God was inaugurated by Jesus, our ultimate allegiance is to Jesus as king, and not to any nation, government or political leader. We must obey governing authorities and realize that they have been instituted and established by God, but must disobey in any instances of actual conflict between human authority and Jesus our King. Also, we must work to promote and establish justice in our churches, communities, and nations, but realize that injustice will not be eliminated until the physical return of Jesus our King.


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