Since God is the good, loving Creator and Sustainer of all creation and sovereign over all, we belong to Him. Therefore we must worship, love, adore; pray to; trust; and obey Him.

Since God is good and created a world that was “very good,” we should reject the thought that the world originated through random processes or through perpetual cycles of competition, sickness, suffering, and death. We should view sickness, suffering, and death of man and animals as unnatural and look forward to the coming day of the restoration of all things to a state of health, harmony, and wholeness.

Since all men and women are created in the image of God and descended from one man and one woman, we must regard all men as valuable, treat them with dignity, respect all, and treat all justly regardless of race, gender, age, position, giftedness, health, or disability. Although justice does, at times, require punishment for particular sins, even sinful men retain the image of God and should be treated with dignity, even when punished.

Since God appointed men and women as rulers and caretakers of the earth, we are responsible to Him to treat the physical world around us as a stewardship entrusted to us. The earth belongs to our God to whom we will give an account for our stewardship. Being made in the image of God, men and women are also to work as creators and caretakers, designing, arranging, protecting, providing, developing, giving, loving. We should find purpose and fulfillment in the work of our minds and of our hands and do our work as unto the Lord.

Since God created all that exists, we should expect to find in His creation His fingerprints and through creation learn truth about His nature. We should view the study of His creation as edifying and profitable work.

Since God created us male and female and commanded that a man should leave his father and mother and cleave to his wife, and since He desires humans to multiply and fill the earth, one man should enter into a life-long covenant with one woman, be sexually active, bear children, and raise a family. Sexual activity outside of this God-ordained marriage relationship—such as adultery, cohabitation, polygamy, homosexuality, or bestiality—is a violation of God’s purpose and plan and will result in suffering and loss and the judgment of God.

Since God created humans male and female, we should celebrate masculinity and femininity, which God has designed to complement, not compete. Husbands should lovingly lead, provide, and protect their wives. Wives should respectfully follow, submit, and help their husbands.

Since it is God’s will that we be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth, we should desire children and raise them to love and fear God and bring Him glory. Since God ordained and blessed the family, the nurture, provision, and education of children is the responsibility of the father and mother of those children, who should have authority to train their children in the ways of the Lord and of life, while looking to the extended family and community for help and support.

Since God is our supreme authority and since He has established human authorities to lead and organize society, we should submit to the appropriate authorities—children to parents, wives to husbands, employees to employers, church members to church leaders, and citizens to governing authorities.

Since God, in His goodness and wisdom, created a good world, He established certain laws of nature so that his creatures could depend upon them. Yet, the Creator of those laws can set them aside whenever He so desires. In His wisdom, He has chosen to seldom do so and has largely reserved miracles for the purpose of affirming His self-revelation. This miraculous affirmation is primarily associated with the coming of the two major covenants, the Mosaic covenant and the covenant of Christ. We should trust the laws of creation, yet believe that God can do miracles and may do them in response to our faith and prayers.


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