Since God promised blessing to Israel for faith and obedience and warned of judgment for idolatry and disobedience, we must study the history of Israel, imitate good examples, and take warning from bad. Since idolatry was Israel’s primary sin, we must not allow any object, desire, or passion, whether evil or good, to become ultimate in our minds and lives. We learn from Israel that idolatry arouses God’s jealousy, thwarts His blessing, and eventually brings His judgment.

Since throughout the history of Israel, God so clearly blessed or judged each generation according to their faith and obedience, we should not put confidence in the faith and obedience of our parents and grandparents or in the track record of our particular church tradition. Individual and genuine faith is required of every person and every generation.

Since God’s interaction with Israel spanned many generations, we should realize that God’s plan involves patience, much time, and many people. We should not be surprised that the time period between Jesus’ kingdom inauguration and His future return and kingdom consummation has spanned many generations. We must seek to find our place in His grand plan, knowing that we can play a significant part, but also that no individual or generation needs to “be all and do all” in fulfilling God’s plan.


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