Stonebrook is a member of Great Commission Churches (GCC), a US-based fellowship of churches designed to inspire, equip and mobilize churches to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ. GCC’s website includes a statement of faith and list of churches (www.gccweb.org). GCC also provides mediation services, and if church members are ever unable to resolve an issue with Stonebrook's leadership, they are encouraged to contact GCC for assistance.

Great Commission Churches partners with sister organizations overseas: Great Commission Europe (www.gceweb.org)
Great Commission Latin America (www.reachinglatinos.com)

Within GCC, Stonebrook is active with Great Commission Plains, a regional association of churches in Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Nebraska. We join together with these churches for activities such as marriage and youth conferences, leaders’ retreats, and leadership training.


Within our college-student ministry “The Rock,” Stonebrook has staff members who are financially supported through GCM - a missionary support organization that helps missionaries raise funds and succeed in ministry (www.gcmweb.org).


SOAP Method of Journaling


Tom Short has created a very helpful video describing the SOAP method of journaling. Dave used it in his recent message, take a look! 

Faithwalkers Conference


Faithwalkers is an annual conference sponsored by Great Commission Churches. Find out more about the conference or download last year's conference teachings. 

Faithwalkers Journal


A daily journal of spiritual encouragement written by men and women who have been walking by faith for many years.

Great Commission Churches


Stonebrook is affiliated with this association of churches.

Great Commission Ministries


Supports and employs Stonebrook's campus missionaries. 

Great Commission Northwest Dads


On this site you will find articles, books, and seminars challenging dads to rise up and lead their families in the ways of God and the Bible. Rick Whitney, one of our church's regional leaders, passes on down-to-earth wisdom and encouragement for dads.

The Rock


The Rock is a Revolution in Christian experience. It is designed for "twenty-something" singles and college students who want to develop their spiritual life in nontraditional ways. 



Zeke's is owned by Stonebrook and offers live music, performing arts, and a community center.